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REVIVE your customers today

REVIVE is a new and unique customer reactivation service developed exclusively by RT Streetwise. Since RT Streetwise was established in 2003 we have developed a wide range of effective data and analysis solutions to help our clients to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns whether acquiring customers or maximising the return from their current customer relationships.

One of the most serious challenges that our clients tell us they currently face is how to identify which of their lapsed, or former customers, are now economically active again and ideal for reactivation.

REVIVE is a unique pay as you go customer reactivation service that identifies which of your lapsed, or former, customers are now economically active.

Simply log in and upload your customer name and address files and wait for a count, or list of customers to reactivate.

There is no set account charge, no processing charges, no minimum order value or volumes to process; simply pay for the customers you want to reactivate.

Choose to match against the full REVIVEALL database which includes over 6 million economically active consumers across the United Kingdom or one of our specialist databases depending on your particular needs;

REVIVEMAIL ORDER - 2.5 million consumers who have purchased by mail order during the last 3 months.

REVIVEFINANCIAL - 2.35 million consumers likely to have purchased by credit card during the last 3 months.

REVIVEHOME IMPROVERS - 350,000 consumers who are actively investing in improving their homes.

It's couldn't be easier to undertake a test for free; match a sample of names and addresses from one of your mailing lists to the most appropriate REVIVE database together with a separate file of the responders to that campaign. If you match a greater proportion of responders then REVIVE helps to identify who to target and will improve the performance of your future campaigns.

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